Radio Interview

Aluma-Trim: Serving the community through 4 Generations over 70 years[/caption] On Saturday 1/27 we were on the NARI Home Improvement Show on 105.7 FM. We discussed our business and how we’ve helped the community for over 70 years. Listen to that interview here. Since 1947, Aluma-Trim, Custom Home Remodelers has served Southeastern Wisconsin as a […]

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Testimonial 4

Just wanted to say that our gutters have been awesome, thank you so much for your great work! I told my husband this morning, I’ve been more impressed w/ how the gutters perform in winter than in summer. We have no icicles and they are doing a great job of carrying water away from the […]

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Curb Appeal

When you buy a new home you are making what is typically the largest investment of your entire life. It is almost certainly your largest asset. There are many different ways to preserve that investment and to put you in a position to reap the benefits long term. So what is one of the best […]

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Various Window Products from NARI

Getting new windows is an incredibly important part of home upkeep. At this years NARI event we discussed that many people don’t consider new window installation to be an important part of home maintenance. As discussed before in our blog curb appeal and energy efficiency are two very important factors of keeping your windows performing […]

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Chimney Maintenance & Recent Job

There are 3 main reasons many industry experts cite when discussing the need for Chimney maintenance and upkeep. They are safety, improved chimney performance as well as long term viability. If you aren’t properly maintaining your chimney after long periods of time they will become clogged with flammable residue that creates a terrible fire hazard […]

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Recent Soffit and Fascia Installation

Aluma-Trim Custom home remodelers recently worked on a client’s garage. This client had a need for some replacement siding to better protect their home from both the elements and time. Aluma-Trim prides itself on the great soffit and fascia installation work that we do as we have been doing it for over 70 years in […]

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Gutter Maintenance

One of the least fun parts of owning a home is some of the yard work or cleanup after a rainstorm. After all the work you put into making your yard perfect it gets trashed with leaves or other messes. Imagine how much worse it could be if your gutters were completely clogged and unable […]

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Why Should I Use Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding is made of a substance that is solid and one that resists fading and weathering. Vinyl also is very durable and provides insect resisting. In addition to the protection aspect it is one of the lowest maintenance options and allows for easy cleaning with as little as just soap and water. At Aluma-Trim, […]

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Aluminum Trim vs PVC Trim

Much has changed in the trim and siding industry over the last several years. Most people these days are choosing a pre-finished siding and trim to weatherproof and add some beauty to their homes instead of just painted wood siding. As we talked about before in our curb appeal post your choice of siding is […]

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Energy Efficient Windows

There are several tips that many custom home remodelers will tell you these days but one of the easiest upgrades you could make to your home, especially in Milwaukee, is to have energy efficient windows. This is kind of a buzzword that you may have heard a lot of people mentioning recently which can sometimes […]

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