Custom Home Remodeling Job

Aluma-Trim recently did a custom home remodeling job for a long time customer; we built them a fire escape with a deck. This loyal customer of ours first used us In 2009 when we put in all replacement windows for their duplex. The new owners needed a fire escape and called on our craftsman to do their work. We approach all of our custom home remodeling work by speaking with the customer about what they truly wanted, identifying the products needed to get the job done and executing on a strategy all parties agree upon. This may mean long hours, but with great materials this remodeling project went from a window on a wall of aluminum siding to a beautiful cedar walk out, fire rated door and stairs. Aluma-Trim’s, custom home remodeling workers are always here to help.

Since 1947, Aluma-Trim, Custom Home Remodelers has served Southeastern Wisconsin as premier specialists for siding installation  in Milwaukee. By offering a rich line of vinyl, cedar, aluminum, and steel options, Aluma-Trim, Custom Home Remodelers has come to be known as experts, and through genuine craftsmanship have created elegance and added exterior beauty to thousands of Wisconsin homes. We offer exceptional warranties for all of our siding, trimwindow installation, gutter, and roofing jobs.

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