Aluma-Trim Custom Home Remodelers

Who is Aluma-Trim? We are a 3 generation family run business and we got our name because we were one of the very first Aluminum Trim providers in the country and the first in the Milwaukee market. Since that time, we have begun offering our valued customers much more than just trim and siding services. As we approach our 70th year in the market we felt it was important to begin describing ourselves as what we truly are, custom home remodelers.

In those 70 years we have seen the industry change many times. As a true industry leader and expert we consistently stay in front of the trends and offer our clients the best products with unmatched service. When people work with Aluma-Trim Custom Home Remodelers they are getting a unique experience that keeps them coming back again and again. Just as we are a family, we treat each one of our customers as a part of our family.

We work with our clients on nearly every type of home remodeling job that they need. We install windows, new roofs, gutters, doors, and more. We do all of this while providing an uncompromising warranty on a a variety of green/energy efficient products to help save money year round on their utility bills. We only use the best of the best in each of their respective fields and have hundreds of years of experience between our staff.

The future is very bright for Aluma-Trim Custom Home Remodelers and as the fourth generation gets ready to learn the business, we look forward to working with you to remodel your home. Contact us anytime for a free estimate so we can begin making those dreams a reality.

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