Gutter Maintenance

One of the least fun parts of owning a home is some of the yard work or cleanup after a rainstorm. After all the work you put into making your yard perfect it gets trashed with leaves or other messes. Imagine how much worse it could be if your gutters were completely clogged and unable to function properly.

Gutters are an incredibly important part of your home’s wellbeing. They help control all of the rainwater to protect your foundation, walls or your roof. If your gutter is unable to function because of a clog you can cause a leak in your home through the roof or cause a host of other water damage related repairs. Something as simple as neglecting your gutter could cost several thousand dollars to replace the system and even more if you have severe water damage.

We carry and install only top of the line quality, seamless gutters that come in a variety of colors to perfectly accent the exterior of your home. Keep your gutters clean and protected with our Gutter Guard system, and begin living “leaf free.” Gutter Guard maintains functionality and prevents debris from entering your gutter system. Aluma-Trim of America constructs quality downspouts and gutter systems that properly drain the rain, and keep waste away. We carry only the best gutter guards from Raindrop and LeaFree brands. We typically recommend wider gutters at 5” or a specialty 6” to get water away from the house faster and use 4 inch downspouts.

Through our restoration process, Aluma-Trim of America will re-pitch all gutters and attach our hangers to create a sealed, functional gutter. As winter rolls on here in Wisconsin, lets’ keep this in mind when spring comes and all of our snow and ice starts melting. If you are having trouble with your gutters and may need new ones or repairs to your existing ones, contact us today for an estimate to make sure you are prepared for the coming rains.

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