Chimney Maintenance & Recent Job

There are 3 main reasons many industry experts cite when discussing the need for Chimney maintenance and upkeep. They are safety, improved chimney performance as well as long term viability. If you aren’t properly maintaining your chimney after long periods of time they will become clogged with flammable residue that creates a terrible fire hazard for your family. By maintaining it properly you can avoid some of the safety hazards that are so common. Chimney performance is another issue, if not properly maintained they can prevent smoke from escaping properly which could also lead to another safety hazard.

Sustainability of your chimney is important to keep up the curb appeal of your house as we discussed in a previous blog. On a recent job we had to work on a Chimney that had been neglected. We replaced the top and our expert work greatly improved this home owner’s experience.

Chimney Job

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