Vinyl Siding vs Aluminum

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As one of Southeastern Wisconsin’s oldest siding companies, we have pretty much seen it all in this industry. We were even one of the first companies in America to use Aluminum Trim (how we got our name, Aluma-Trim). Since our start over 72 years ago we have now moved from doing mostly, if not all Aluminum work to include a good healthy percentage of our business from vinyl siding as well. There are certainly some differences between the product and usually we can identify which one will be the most effective for a particular customer when meeting with them.

When looking into vinyl siding for a customer we know that vinyl siding can offer more insulation, color options and sizes. Vinyl can also provide more give than aluminum, meaning it will expand and contract more to fit the elements.

We will however, typically use aluminum on soffit and fascia work because it’s firm, and it bends better to form various shapes. Aluminum also comes in several different color options for trim, but it only really has about 10-11 colors for siding. Aluminum siding is known for longevity and toughness against the elements (which is very important in Wisconsin).

When looking at specs: aluminum comes in 019 and 024 thickness where as vinyl comes in 040, 042, 044 and 045. As mentioned vinyl has thicker insulation normally coming with 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch glued to a 046 panel.

Ultimately both options are great for your home. What the decision comes down to it both have good color choices and grain choices and will always look great when installed by a professional team like the one we have here. Contact us today to get a free estimate!

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