Aluminum Trim vs PVC Trim in 2021

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As we have discussed this issue before, there is still much that has changed in the aluminum trim and siding industry over the last several years. Most people these days are choosing a pre-finished siding and trim to weatherproof and add some beauty to their homes instead of just painted wood siding. As we talked about before in our curb appeal post your choice of siding is more than just aesthetics it is also a way to protect your investment.

Two of the most popular types of trim lately have been rolled aluminum trim and PVC (vinyl) siding which we discussed in a previous post in more detail. Some of the advantages of these two types of siding over traditional wood is the maintenance costs and upkeep, as well as protecting your home from rougher weather. Many people have chosen PVC trim because it is available in preformed pieces that fit around doors as rolled aluminum trim comes in longer pre-rolled sheets.. Some other differences between the two options are types of finishes. Rolled aluminum really only comes in a smooth finish, while PVC comes in both a smooth and a wood grained finish.

It is incredibly important that you consult a professional such as Aluma-Trim, Custom Home Remodelers when doing any trim project. At Aluma-Trim we were one of the pioneers in the aluminum trim space for almost 70 years. No matter what option you choose (aluminum or PVC) we can help you find your dream siding at an affordable price. Contact us today to receive a free estimate.

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